Permanent Makeup for Brows, Eyes & Lips.

Do you want to look your best every day without any effort?

Eyebrows are so important for framing the face – a beautifully shaped and defined brow will instantly transform your appearance, lifting and enhancing your whole face for a more youthful and groomed appearance.

Permanent Makeup is the perfect solution for giving definition and shape to your brows, eyes and lips – creating the beautiful, naturally enhanced features you’ve always wanted. It will last all day, every day without the need to apply and keep reapplying make up throughout the day.

I am fully licenced with Elmbridge Council, insured and use only sterile, single use products in my very hygienic clinic.




Powdered Effect

I use the very best colour pigments and top of the range digital machine to either lightly shade or darker shade the brows to give a soft powdered look. If you use brow pencil, powder or pomade this treatment would be perfect for you.



Lash Enhancement

This treatment is ideal for clients wishing to achieve the illusion of thicker longer eyelashes while still looking completely natural. A very thin line is applied that enhances the eyes without the look of eyeliner.



Whether you want to restore colour to give a more youthful appearance, have a more defined lip line or add volume to lips that have lost fullness over time then this is the ideal treatment for you. Permanent lip makeup is a long-lasting solution for correcting asymmetries and restoring lip colour.


Who Benefits From Permanent Makeup?

Those with sparse or light eyebrows.
Alopecia sufferers and those having chemotherapy.
People who don’t have time or ability to apply makeup.
People with sensitivities or allergic reactions to makeup.
Women who want to look their best at all times.
Older women whose features have faded over time.
Sporty people who workout or swim.

Permanent makeup can really make the eyes “pop” and the most tiny changes in the shape and colour of brows, and lips can really lift and brighten the face.The aim is to enhance what you already have and for it to look so natural that no one can tell you have had it done.

What our clients are saying...

10 Things You Need To know When Chosing Your Permanent Makeup Artist!

With the many benefits of Permanent Makeup, otherwise known as; semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic micropigmentation, this procedure is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. There are therefore a growing number of people out there performing these services who do not always have the right qualifications or training. If you are considering having Permanent Makeup, please do your homework and find a specialist with experience in this field with whom you feel comfortable.

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